Land Cruiser Model Change 2021

There will be a model change for the Land Cruiser this year~ We will know the details and pricing around April.

With that, the current Land Cruiser’s production is coming to an end. It is still a popular car, as expected from the King of land transportation!

It may be the last V8 engine model, and if you want a custom car with the season model, it will take around a year after the model is released to make the adjustments. So if you want to buy a Land Cruiser custom car, you should order now!

The price of used cars are quite expensive lately, and when compared to buying a new car, the credit interest rates for a new car are better. The maintenance and vehicle inspection along with the warranty for a new car are all better than that of used cars.

Now an Emergency Announcement!

The WALD SPORTS LINE Completed Model (black) only has 5 left in stock.

The AX Grade as the base car with maker option sun roof included.

◼︎Maker Option: Sunroof
◼︎WALD Front Spoiler
◼︎WALD Over Fender
◼︎WALD Rear Spoiler
◼︎WALD Body Kit Side Step
◼︎WALD LED Day Lights
◼︎WALD Rear Fog Lamp
◼︎WALD Muffler Adaptor
◼︎WALD JARRET 10.5Jx24 inch AW
◼︎Special Radial Tire (295/35R24)
◼︎Alpine BIG-X9 Navigation (special panel)
◼︎HDMI/USB Port, Back Monitor, ETC
◼︎Specialty Leather Seat Cover (black)
◼︎Specialty Leather Combi-Steering Wheel (piano black)
◼︎Specialty Floor Mat

<<Price>>6,880,000 JPY (incl. tax) ※other fees may apply

This price includes all specifications mentioned above to make the Completed Car Model.

The campaign for this month is still ongoing!
✨Happy New Year Campaign✨
1. Free Land Transport ※excludes remote islands and some areas
2. New Car Auto Loan Interest Rate 1.9%
3. Omikuji Pocket Bag Gift

The Omikuji Pocket Bag Gift is fill of fun prizes 😃 The maximum loan cycle is 120 rounds. Remaining value deferred plan is OK.

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