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Finalized Land Cruiser 200 New Model

This new model change for the Land Cruiser is so exciting because it’s been 13 years since the previous full model change! The engine seems to be 3500cc, which is a down-size but an extra motor is going to be added. We’re going to miss the 4.6L V8 engine. As we mentioned before, you can

Land Cruiser Prado – WALD Sports Line

Grade TX New Completed Car on the WALD Sports Line It especially has more impact from the front: With the rear spoiler and wide over fender, the vehicle width changes. But not to worry, we will take care of the new car registration, and it is within the Japan vehicle inspection guidelines.

Only A Few Left!

The Land Cruiser in WALD only has a few left in stock! Better hurry before they completely run out of stock! Currently on display at our Tsuchiyama Branch 😀

Why Not the ZX Land Cruiser?

Mclimb/Weed Tsuchiyama Branch here! Before we know it, the 200 late model is done. We only have a limited number in stock at the moment. The grade we have is for the AX. Wonder why we don’t use the ZX Grade? Simply put, if we use the ZX grade and customize it, it would come

July Campaign Ending Soon!

Quick! Order now for ultra low interest rates on the Land Cruiser Prado!

Land Cruiser Prado in BK Style and WALD Style

Land Cruiser Prado in BK or WALD Style? Take your pick!