Land Cruiser Prado in BK Style and WALD Style

We are taking pre-orders for the Land Cruiser Prado!
2 styles are available: BK Completed Style and WALD Style.

BK Style Specifications included in the vehicle price:

  • 17 inch AW
  • BFGoodrich AT Tires
  • 44mm Lift Up Coil
  • Diff Down Block
  • Front Grille (black paint)
  • Original Over Fender
  • Dual Muffler (rear piece)
  • Back Lamp Kit
  • Radar Adjustment
  • (Maker Option) Clearance Sonar

This also includes the latest Matte Black (MBK) Style for the Prado too.

For details on price, for a new completed vehicle price:

Gasoline/Petrol Base Car

  • TX 5-people capacity 4,274,000 yen
  • TX 7-people capacity 4,432,000 yen
  • TX-L 5-people capacity 4,793,000 yen
  • TX-L 7-people capacity 4,951,000 yen

Diesel Base Car

  • TX 5-people capacity 4,938,000 yen
  • TX 7-people capacity 5,096,000 yen
  • TX-L 5-people capacity 5,463,000 yen
  • TX-L 7-people capacity 5,621,000 yen

The WALD Style is a WALD S-LINE Completed Style that gives a more sporty feel to the Prado. While this is done with the original body color, you can have other colors as well (separate fees apply).

Gasoline/Petrol Base Car

  • TX 5-people capacity 4,416,000 yen
  • TX 7-people capacity 4,574,000 yen
  • TX-L 5-people capacity 4,935,000 yen
  • TX-L 7-people capacity 5,093,000 yen

Diesel Base Car

  • TX 5-people capacity 5,080,000 yen
  • TX 7-people capacity 5,238,000 yen
  • TX-L 5-people capacity 5,605,000 yen
  • TX-L 7-people capacity 5,763,000 yen

Other than these standard styles, we also have options available for those who want to upgrade their Prado even more. Popular options include
– 9 inch Navigation Pack: 280,000 yen (incl. tax)
– 9 inch ALPINE Navigation
– Back Camera
– HDMI Cable/USB Socket
– Interior Pack: 104,500 yen
– Leather Seat Cover (black or wine red)
– Floor Mat (black or black+red lock)
– Combi-steering handle

Want to know more? Give us a shout or visit us at our head office or Tsuchiyama branch!

Our low interest rate campaign of 1.9 is still ongoing! Don’t miss this chance to get a deal for a mean looking Prado!

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