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Daylight installation

The other day, I installed a daylight on the Land Cruiser Prado.before After With the Land Cruiser Prado, it became wilder.We are waiting for your custom request.

Newly started handling

Weed main store.We have started handling new parts.We have received an order from time to time.“Bug guard”Made by AIRPLEX〇 The main body is very thick and firmly made.The edges of the protector are angled, so the flow of wind changes considerably and you can feel the effect.Japanese installation manual is enclosed.〇The way it gets dirty

17 inches to put on 150 Prado? Or 20 inches

I went to shoot PradoThis is a photo shoot for a magazine that I have always been indebted to. Photographer A is a rain man, but it’s unusually sunny. Will it snow tomorrow? Now, let’s talk about inch-up.If you don’t pay attention to the inch-up of the black can, it will have the opposite effect.That

Nice photo gallery part5

Today is another day150 Prado Right now, it’s nice to have the Port Tower in the background, which can’t be seen due to the renovation work.The light up of the Port Tower and the back view of Prado are too nice.We look forward to your wonderful photos.

Nice photo gallery part3

This time, 150 Prado Nice with the cherry blossoms in the backgroundWe look forward to your wonderful photos.

Car wash ♪ Car wash ♪

Weed Tsuchiyama store. I washed the car on display outside from the morningIt is also difficult to wash the car with Land Cruiser, Land Cruiser Prado, Delica D5.It was a little difficult, but by cleaning it up, we felt refreshed.Everyone, please keep your car clean. Beautiful cars will welcome youDelica D5BKS, WARLOCK specification, Hilux, Outlander

Inside the Sabae store

Weed Sabae store.Today is the second day of GW and it’s sunny outside.Weed Sabae store is open well during Golden Week.Land Cruiser Prado MBK + in the store Hilux Delica Nomad Camper We are exhibiting 3 units.We look forward to your visit and inquiry. Please note that we will be closed on May 2nd and

Prado MCLIMB compleate + introduction

Weed Tsuchiyama store.It’s fine today, but rainy days will continue from next week.Today, I would like to introduce the Land Cruiser Prado of MCLIMB compleate +. This is the specification・ Original wheel KANON 17 inch・ BFG / AT / 285/70/17・ 2 inch lift up・ Diff down block・ Grill BK Paint・ Front plating / BK paint・

Land Cruiser Prado warehousing

Weed Tsuchiyama store.Have you decided on your plans for Golden Week?I am preparing for a barbecue tournament.By the way, Land Cruiser Prado’s pearls have arrived at the Weed Tsuchiyama store. Land Cruiser Prado 2.7 TX-L 5-seater BK styleVehicle body price 4.48 million yenKANONE17 inch AW / BKBFG / AT / 265/70 / 17BK LetterDual W

I got a nice photo from a customer.

We received comments from yesterday’s Instagram and received wonderful photos from our customers. It’s a good photo with the cherry blossoms in the background.Sakura and Weed style Prado are really coolThank you for sending us a nice photo.Please continue to have a wonderful car life.