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Did you know?

The 150 series Prado has a comfort function for the back seat! You can set it on recline just like this: For more on the Land Cruiser Prado, feel free to contact us!

New Front Grille

It’s a hot day at our Tsuchiyama Branch~ But despite the heat, we continue to customize cars 😉 This time, we are changing the Land Cruiser Prado’s front grille: From the original Prado grille…. Removed…. And replace it with a new one! This new grille has the TOYOTA Mark and radar attached! For any customization

Land Cruiser Prado BK+

Here’s a Prado we delivered just the other day~ The Land Cruiser Prado customized in the Mclimb Complete + Style, kitted with the Mclimb Original Body Kit: 35mm over fender 2 inch lift up kit KANONE rims BFGoodrich AT 285/70/17 This Prado’s owner wanted to add an additional custom: the dual W muffler! An awesome

AutoBacs Festival

From today until Sunday (June 6th), AutoBacs will have a Festival! Lots of food stalls with taiyaki, warabimochi, and udon, and more! With so many fun stalls to visit, I also want to sneak a visit. We at our Tsuchiyama Branch are open as usual~ We look forward to your visit!

Prado Paradise

At our Sabae branch, our Land Cruiser Prado is proudly on display! This is our MBK Style with the chrome parts painted matte black, including the rear trunk lid. Enjoy this summer with an awesome 4×4 you can call your own! Feel free to contact us for more information on available options and custom styles.

Tire and Rim Customs

Requested from a customer, we changed the tires and rims on their Prado! The final product is so cool! The customer is also very satisfied with the outcome. For any other custom requests, please feel free to contact us.

Land Cruiser Prado Specialty Shop

Our latest branch in Fukui Prefecture is a Land Cruiser Prado specialty shop! Our customized Prado is proudly on display at the entrance, and many customers unexpectedly stop to admire it. The current Prado on display has the MBK Style custom done, so feel free to visit us for a closer look!

Prado Custom Request

We kitted our KANONE rims and BFGoodrich tires on a pearl Prado! The chrome color matches well with the pearl body color, don’t you agree? The customer also had their eyes set on these rims even before getting the Prado, so they were very happy with the purchase and the change. If you are looking

Vehicles on Display at Tsuchiyama

We may focus on the Delica D5 at our Tsuchiyama Branch, but we also have other cars on display! Check out the awesome Land Cruiser WALD SPORTS LINE: The Land Cruisr Prado BK Style+: The JEEP Wrangler JEPPESEN: And last but not least, the Jimny Sierra VIN40: Other than the 3 Delica’s we have in

Lift Up Suspension

At our garage, we regularly handle customers’ requests for lift up on their 4×4’s. This includes fitting suspension coils! From the genuine Land Cruiser suspension coils to our original Mclimb lift up suspension coils~ Just the gold color of the coils give a more sophisticated feel to the custom. With this high quality suspension lift,