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Lift Up Suspension

At our garage, we regularly handle customers’ requests for lift up on their 4×4’s. This includes fitting suspension coils! From the genuine Land Cruiser suspension coils to our original Mclimb lift up suspension coils~ Just the gold color of the coils give a more sophisticated feel to the custom. With this high quality suspension lift,

Land Cruiser Prado MBK Style

As the weather gets warmer, we’ve had to adjust a few things, but the popularity of our Prado remains the same. Check out or MBK Style for the Land Cruiser Prado 150 series! From the front grille to the rims, everything is new and Mclimb originals~ It even has lift up suspension kits and over

Prado in BK Style+

Before we know it, March is coming to an end. With that the bugs in Japan has also come out by the dozen! We hope you are all being careful, with everything that is going on. Now, with no further delay, introducing the Prado interior pictures. To start, this is for the Prado BK Style

The Prado 95 in Beige

Look what spring brought in at Sabae Branch: A classic Prado 95! Fitted with the DEAN Cross Country rims and new BFGoodrich tires~ Feel free to contact or visit us if you are interested!

New Rims Photoshoot

Check out these Nitro Power rims! These are the latest 2021 M28 BULLET 20×8.5J +20 rims with 2 colors available: Black & Mirror Another addition is the Cross Claw 17x8J +20 rims! Available colors: Semi-gloss black & Pierce drill It rained during this photo shoot, but I think it just enhances the mean feel the

The Prado BK Style +

Good morning from Tsuchiyama Branch! Only another week left in February… How time flies~ And with that, it’s time to introduce the newest complete model for the Prado! The New Completed Model BK Style +! This style has the Mclimb body kit installed <3 The front under spoiler kit has 5 parts all together. With

Fukui Broadcast Event

We had a filming session the other day at Fukui Prefecture, Japan! One of our customer’s Prado was used for the filming. It was kitted with the Skycamp 2.0, KANONE rims, and lift up suspension coils. The original Weed license frame was also used, giving it an even more special look. The team was working

February Campaign

The February Campaigns have begin! They will last until the end of February, so grab them when you can. At Tsuchiyama Branch, we have the Delica and Prado promotion:Sign a contract with us this month and get these all-in-one promotion option At our Main Branch, we have the Valentine Campaign:The male customers who visit us

Customized Prado: Lifted Up Kit

Hi, it’s Nishioka from Sabae Branch! We installed the lift up kit to the Prado the other day Here’s what it looks like underneath: Brand new suspension coil springs~ The customer actually also wanted to have our KANONE rims moutned as well, but the snowfall here is still pretty heavy, making it unpractical for now.

Christmas in a Week!

One week until Christmas, and 2 more weeks until a new year… Time sure flies! We’d love to go out more, but due to the ongoing spread of Covid19, we can’t do so freely. We are doing everything we can to stop the spread of infection. At our Tsuchiyama branch, we not only have the