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The JEPPESEN is Finished!

Welcome back to our Tsuchiyama branch! Just last week, we finished customizing the JEPPESON! Let’s take a look: After a good few weeks and many parts, it’s completed. The final part we kitted was the muffler. From this muffler… To these ones! It gves a more slid feel to the awesome jeep. After a few

Changing the Jeep’s Rear Bumper

At our Tsuchiyama Branch, we are still customizing the JEEP! We’re using the rear bumper by JEPPESEN today: The one with the number plate under the rear tire is the original bumper… Replace it with the JEPPESEN rear bumper and you get a tactical rear bumper~ The number plate is to the right of the

Mounting the Rack on the Jeep

We enjoyed great weather today, and since we’re preparing to go on a picnic… We figured it’s time to fit the rack on the Jeep! We had the SMITTY BILT Defender Rack mounted: This is attached to the rainwater rail on both sides and at the rear window hinge. It’s made of iron and quite

The Jeep and Jimny Sierra!

An update on our model cars~ These are still going to be customized even more in the near future! The Jeep has been lifted, tire size increased, and wheels changed… How else should we customize this Jeep next time? The Jimny Sierra VIN40 is also here at our Tsuchiyama Branch, customized with the Land Cruiser

Ramping Up the Jeep

Hi from Tsuchiyama Branch! The weather’s suddenly changed from warm to very cold the past few days, but we are still hard at work and making sure to keep warm~ We have one of our managers kitting the lift up suspension on the rear end. The before and after pictures are: Looks more sturdy, doesn’t

Introducing: JEPPESEN

All new customized JEEP!