Delica D5 and Skycamp Set

If you are looking for a Delica D5, check us out~

Last time we looked at the gasoline model D5, but now we will look at the current model.

<Nomad Camper Series>

The iKamper brand roof top tent set and other parts and navigation installments are in demand! We have all of these wrapped up in a 1 price special set model for you. 😊

The newest 2020 model is what we currently have in stock, so numbers are limited. The grade for the base vehicle is the G-Power PKG, then we customize 2 8-persons cars and 3 7-persons cars into a limited sale edition!!

This year’s camping design has been decided ❣️This is included in our January Campaign for Cars!!Near or far, feel free to contact us for more information.
※The iKamper January Campaign is not included

Custom Details:

◼︎Maker Option: Multi Around Monitor
◼︎Maker Option: BSW/LCA+RCTA
◼︎Both Side Power Slide Doors
◼︎Power Back Door
◼︎Driver Seat Power Seat
◼︎Front Seat Heater
◼︎Radar Auto Cruiser Control
◼︎WARLOCK/Front Grille
◼︎WARLOCK/LED Day Light for Grille
◼︎WARLOCK/Front Bumper Garnish
◼︎WARLOCK/Rear Bumper Garnish
◼︎WARLOCK/Over Fender Garnish
◼︎WARLOCK Special Decal Set (Camouflage)
◼︎NOMAD/16 inch AW (O/F Size)
◼︎BFGoodrich AT Tires(235/70R16)
◼︎Rear Ladder/Black(JAOS製)
◼︎SD9V Navigation (KENWOOD)
◼︎9 inch Navigation Panel
◼︎Interlocking Navigation ETC2.0
◼︎Maker Option: Steering Remote Control
◼︎Multi Camera Connection Kit
◼Specialty Floor Mat/Black
◼︎Roof Carrier (Mitsubishi Genuine 3 bars)
◼︎Roof Tent (Skycamp 2.0 Black)

⚫︎Vehicle Price:5,480,000 Japanese Yen (incl. tax)
⚫︎Service Fee:94,000 Japanese Yen
⚫︎Legal Costs:53,950 Japanese Yen  
Total Payment:5,643,350 Japanese Yen

Auto Loan Ultra Low Interest Rate: 1.9%
★Deposit:1,643,350 Japanese Yen
★Installment Principle:4,000,000 Japanese Yen
★Installment Plan:84 times(7 years)
★Bonus Addition(2 times/year):100,000 Japanese Yen
★Monthly Payment:34,000 Japanese Yen
★Final Payment:58,638 Japanese Yen

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