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Tacoma style…215,

Weed head office.Well, it rained and thundered yesterday, but today is very hot.I was surprised by the thunder yesterday and fell aloneNow let’s get to the pointOne of the 215 Surfs on display at the main store from today has a Tacoma-style grill. It’s made of matte material, and this netting looks cool. This light

Youtube shooting scenery

Weed Tsuchiyama store.Unfortunately it’s raining today, but how are you doing?The students are envious of the summer vacation.It seems that hot days will continue from tomorrow, but please be careful about heat stroke.Anyway, I took a Youtube shoot at the Tsuchiyama store the other day.This Youtube is a smoky blue Hilux. Summer color hiluxI want

Feel free to visit the Weed main store.

We have installed a parasol and parasol at the main store. It’s getting hot these days and it’s hot and hot to go out, isn’t it?Women are particularly worried about sunburn, right?You can see the car with confidenceThis parasol is okay in the rain, so please feel free to use it even for men.The inside

Nice photo gallery part2

The surf is also in batch along the coast.In summer, it’s decided by BBQ to ride the surf and go to the sea.Please keep your nice photos.

We will hold an instagram

Every Sunday’s annual instagramIt will be held from 18:00 on the 20th (Sun), so we are waiting for a lot of viewing.

215 series Hilux Surf original over fender

215 series Hilux Surf original over fender WEED original 21 series Hilux Surf over fenderWhen you put it on, you will feel off-road at once.We also sell it, so please wear the original over fender and enjoy the cool surf. For inquiries, please contact the Weed head office

Weed Sabae store is open well.

Weed Sabae store.Today’s temperature in Fukui has risen by nearly 20 degrees.By the way, yesterday, many customers came to the store today and tire change.Thank you very much. I couldn’t take many pictures, but the snow disappeared and the customers seemed to be satisfied with the summer tires.Please leave the tire replacement work to us.Weed

Notice that it is secret but not already secret

Weed main store.When you eat breakfast, your body feels crispy.Realizing the importance of breakfast again, speaking of breakfastAs some of you may know, weed is also farming.Weed’s proud “Weed Rice” has been completed this year as well. plentyWeed has a campaign in January,As a secret gift, weed rice is presented to all contracted customers.I’ve already

Hilux Surf 215 Smoky Blue

Hilux Surf 215Made in smoky blueIt’s a style that feels fashionable and powerful.Good style like never before The feet are DEAN’s cross-country skiing and classic. The overall balance is also good. The matte black grill is also cool.Hilux Surf 185For Hilux Surf 215Please feel free to contact the Weed main store.We are waiting for many

Main store exhibition “early” delivery information updated

Weed main store showroom on displayEarly / delivery informationAbout 1 month until deliveryWhen making inquiries, please contact us from the following phone number or email address.You can also send an email directly by clicking the address.● TEL 0794-73-8000● Email weed001@nifty.com12/20 update NO, 2 NO, 12NO, 1  2002 Hilux Surf 185 Vehicle body price: 2,480,000 yenMore