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Changing the 215 Surf Grille

Good morning from our main branch! We just got a 215 Surf in our showroom, and as usual we like to change things up a bit. We changed the front grille into the popular TOYOTA grille! Doesn’t this give a more off-road feel to it? We think it’s awesome~

The Latest 215 Surf!

With the weather so fine, we just had to take our latest customized 215 Surf out for a drive! The pearl body gives a powerful yet high-quality look, charming the classic lovers of the series. Our Mclimb original KANONE rims make a good contrast match to the Surf~ We also had the interior black headlights

2 Customized Cars!

We had delivered a MUD Style 215 Surf the other day to a loyal customer! They couldn’t come to the showroom, but once they got their car delivered a celebratory picture was in order. They not only took a picture of the newly delivered Surf, but also the Hilux they previously bought! ~The latest Hilux

Hilux Surf in BK Style

We currently have a 215 Hilux Surf in BK Style available in our showroom! The charms of the BK Style on the 215 Surf includes the 17 inch Kanone rims in black clear color and the 4-prong muffler: Even the interior has been cleaned up~ Vehicle Information:2008 Hilux Surf in BK StyleMileage: 97,300 kmVehicle Price:

New Style for the 215 Surf!

We have the BK Style, LA Style, and now we have…MUD Style! A rare silver color at Mclimb Weed, the front bumper has been painted in matte black to simulate a mud look. The rims are KANONE original Mclimb 17 inch rims in black clear color. We also have the dual muffler rear piece for

Sabae Branch!

Mechanic Morimoto went to our new Mclimb/Weed Sabae Branch in Fukui Prefecture the other day! It was a rainy trip heading there, but the weather cleared up for the next day. Once there, I got to work on changing the front grille on some of the Surfs… With the chrome, matte black, and TOYOTA letter

Customized Surf Completed

Our customer, Ms. M, has been driving our Mclimb/Weed Style Hilux Surf 215 series. Now it’s time for a face change! From the pearl LA Style to a steel look, giving it a more sturdy feel. The chrome parts painted matte black, changed the front suspension, kitted the steel bumper and hitch member~~ It took

New Beige BK Style Surf 215

Meet the latest BK Style in beige!

Customs on the 215 Surf Completed!

Another satisfied customer~

NEW! Cargo Trailer: Blast Trail

Outdoors Style with the Blast Trail Trailer