Hilux is fun

The Hilux is becoming more and more popular due to the tailwind of the outdoor boom.
The number of inquiries is also increasing.

Hilux revived in 2017.
Toyota pickup truck.
Considering the total length of over 5 meters and the registration of 1 number, the hurdle to purchase is not low.
Still, I think the reason for its popularity is its form.
Speaking of trucks, it’s usually this.

[Sports Pickup Truck]

It’s definitely not family-friendly, so it’s usually not an option for a family.
But isn’t it really suitable for families?
Isn’t it just an image?
In addition to the customers who actually purchase it, there are many cases where it is purchased as a family car.
It’s true that small children sleep in cars, but it’s also true that they can sleep anywhere.

Rather, I often hear “Dad, this car is cool.”
Yes, for small children, fun is better than the comfort of the interior space.
Since the inside of the car and the luggage compartment are completely separated, it is a unique existence in a sense that you can use anything for outdoor activities, hobbies, and work.
GR Sports was added to the lineup in 2021.
No, the TOYOTA grill is irresistible.
Custom Hilux prepared by the manufacturer

The difference from the previous high grade Z is 430,000 yen.
Is GR really worth the price difference?
First of all, the part that changes greatly in the exterior is the front grill, but the most notable point is the over fender.
Comparing the full width
Z: 1855mm
GR: 1900mm and 45mm wide.
That is, it is 22.5 mm wide on one side.
Structural changes are required to make Z as wide as possible, which is not realistic considering the cost and effort.
I’m grateful that it’s wide from the beginning.
In the interior, the seats are black leather and large display audio is standard equipment. Moreover, with navigation

Indeed, the difference of 430,000 yen is already convincing.
Besides that, many GR exclusive parts are applied, so if you like it, you will get a good deal.
Recently, Weed customized based on GR.
There are more opportunities to negotiate a complete model.
Rather than saying, the wild style is based on GR, and the narrow style is based on Z and X.

It seems that the GR has already been completed,
You can see the parts that you really want to modify.
First of all, it hasn’t changed from Z and X, but the front of the car body has dropped.
Of course, that makes sense.
It is supposed to carry 500 kg of luggage, but it is unlikely that it will carry 500 kg of luggage for private use.
Therefore, the coil spring rear with a 40mm front can be lifted up with a block of 25mm, and by raising the vehicle height with just the right balance, it is possible to put on tires with a slightly larger outer diameter.

The genuine GR wheel is 18 inches.
As you can see from the normal, it is quite inside from the car body.
This means that the inner clearance is strict, and as a result, the choice of tires is limited, and you can only wear the same size as the genuine one.
Of course, it can be adjusted by using a wide spacer, but it is not recommended considering safety.
Weed uses 17 inches with a wide selection of tires.
Matched over fender.
Produces a wild form.

The part to be changed further is the muffler.
I always call it a genuine muffler like an earthworm.
The end pipe of the thin muffler always feels strange on a large black car.
This may be thin considering only off-road driving, but it is decided that fashionable is better for city riding and normal outdoor usage.

One thing I can say is that even a custom car is not overkill, it is customized within the range corresponding to the vehicle inspection, and the vehicle height changes even slightly, so the safety device is also adjusted firmly. Is it?

When you see this Hilux GR Sport exhibition car, please come to the store after seeing the normal.
I will definitely want it
Hilux has stopped receiving orders from manufacturers, so probably the normal delivery date is after October, but we have a small amount of stock completed in June. If you are considering this, please contact us as soon as possible.

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