Bass Fishing with the D5

On the latest OUTDOOR magazine, we went to Biwa Lake!

OUTDOOR magazine is known in Japan as the car life magazine for those who enjoys the outdoors. In this edition, the theme is “Fishing with the D5”. Do you enjoy fishing? If so, give us a call or visit us for advice on how you can pack your things and go fishing on the D5!

This is the Professional Bass Fisher Mr. Takahiro Miyake!

We had Mr. Miyake be our guide around Biwa Lake on his boat. While he showed us around, he told us how he wanted to try going on a trip with the D5. He’s liked cars from the start, making this a natural transition.

Before we know it, The photoshoot took place with our Mclimb/Weed FJ!

The fishing rods brought are not only of 1 type either, as to be expected from a professional. To be a pro is to have all these rod holders~

If it were me, I’d want this setup when I go fishing too!

Now, let’s get into the new photoshoot~~ Take a look at this WARLOCK D5 with the iKamper SKYCAMP mounted!

A cool pose, holding those fishing rods~

The seating area is also spacious~

The bait is so life-like too!

This makes it look like one of his rooms is made of bamboo 😀

Great job on the photoshoot!

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