Weed is also in Fukui prefecture.

Weed Sabae store.
We always receive many inquiries about cars.
Thank you very much.
The Weed Sabae store is located inside the AUTOBACS Sabae store in Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture.

Look for the big weed sign at the entrance.
Many customers from outside the prefecture in the neighborhood also come to the store, but many of them have recently learned that there is a weed in Fukui.
Customers who know Weed but think they are far from Hyogo

The popular Land Cruiser Prado, Hilux, Delica D: 5, Jimny Sierra, etc. are on display, and you can see them while shopping at AUTOBACS, so be sure to visit the Weed Sabae store in Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture. Please contact us.
Weed Sabae store is open today as well

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