Let Us Take Care of Your Car!

It’s hard to let go of a car full of memories 😭That’s why after taking care of it for so long, you think over it again and again before picking where to give up your car. 🙁

Because they are our customers’ precious cars, their precious memories should also be expressed.We of course take the Surf, FJ, Prado, and Delica, but also other model cars as well.

We inspect our customers cars appropriately and offer the price for our purchase of your car. 🙂It is difficult to say the most suitable thing about making an overall offer, so please understand that it is not easy to make them. 😅

For those who live far away, you can send us pictures of your car and the necessary information for us to inspect, and we will offer a price based on what we receive. 😌We can arrange for your car to be transported to us, so no worries about selling your car from a distance. 😁We will make the appropriate assessment regardless of condition and mileage. 🙂

Remember your precious memories and contact us for an inspection. 😉Pass on the wonderful memories 🥰“Pass on the memories here at Mclimb Weed Head Office”Come to Mclimb Weed Head Office to sell your car! We will take on the baton that is your lovely car. 😉

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