Events during car wash

Weed Tsuchiyama store
A typhoon is coming today, and the rain and wind are amazing.
And the inside of the store is too cold and frozen.
It was very hot yesterday, but it’s too difficult to control the temperature. By the way, when I was washing the car yesterday, a bear zemi appeared! !!

It is Mr. Kanayama’s pet, thinking that he can grasp it well.
Even before this, a cicada came to me while washing the car and was making a fuss alone.
Cicadas are even more scared because they don’t know where they’re heading.
Mr. Kanayama’s pet cicada was returned to nature.
It was a scene of a car wash at the Tsuchiyama store
The Tsuchiyama store is still open today.
We look forward to your visit, inquiry, and inquiry.

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