Prado MCLIMB compleate + introduction

Weed Tsuchiyama store.
It’s fine today, but rainy days will continue from next week.
Today, I would like to introduce the Land Cruiser Prado of MCLIMB compleate +.

This is the specification
・ Original wheel KANON 17 inch
・ BFG / AT / 285/70/17
・ 2 inch lift up
・ Diff down block
・ Grill BK Paint
・ Front plating / BK paint
・ Rear garnish / BK paint
・ 35mm over fender
・ Over fender / BK paint
・ Dial muffler / rear piece
・ (MOP) Clearance sonar
・ 7 inch navigation
・ Back camera
・ MC Body Kid

It’s cool from any angle, isn’t it?
Weed Tsuchiyama store is open today as well.
We look forward to your visit and inquiries.

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