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Introducing Store Goods

We sell cars, but that’s not all we have. We also have our Mclimb Weed Store Goods! Starting with the Weed stickers: They’re 550 yen each and has 3 types: black, matte black, and white (it’s a bit difficult to see but it’s there). Next we have the car air freshener: Costs 550 yen and

Weed Original Key Ring: wood & Leather

It’s been 1 year since we released the original key rings, and now it’s time for a model change. The current model lasts until the stock runs out, so get it while it’s here! We’ll keep you up to date on the new model changes~ Feel free to contact us for details and pricing 😀

New Goods Available

A New Original Goods at Mclimb/Weed ~Weed License Frame~ An additional logo: Crawling on the Ground Fit for a 4WD, suitable as a Weed product There are 2 available sizes:●Large: 19.6cm×33.8cm●Small: 17.0cm×33.5cm You can use the large size for the front, the small size for the back, and think of it as a 1set product.