Hilux Surf XC Style

XC style
XC means cross-country.
Cross-country is a sport that runs on unleveled roads in athletics and in snowy fields in skiing.
Yes, in the case of cars, it means that we specialize in off-road driving.

The Hilux Surf / XC style sold at Weed is a customization that emphasizes the crocodile.

The feature is the color-coded over fender
Regardless of the color of the body, the over fender with the raptor liner is adopted, and the tough image is coordinated.
In addition, the rear tires, which are the characteristics of surf, are indispensable, and the tires to be installed are also MT tires. * (215 series is backless)
Spare tires are a must to drive through the harsh off-road
Of course, it’s a fashionable item just for city riding.

Army green, sand beige, and smoky blue are popular coloring.
Basically, any color can be used as long as it is the color of a domestic car.

There are many other customizations unique to tube steps and XC style.
Please contact the staff for details
What kind of car is surf in the first place?
It was jointly developed by Hino Motors and Toyota and released as 4Runner in the United States in 1983. SUVs released in Japan since 1984

Yes, the sale was first in the United States.
By the way, the United States was the first for the FJ Cruiser.
The first surf was called N60 series, which was a car with FRP removable top that you can enjoy open air by removing the roof.
The second generation is the N130 series from 2001 to 1995.

The 4-door model is from this 130 series.
It was around this time that the over fender was installed and the 3rd number came out.
Since the front was a torsion bar, I remember that the ride quality was not good whether I raised or lowered it, and lowdown was also popular at that time.
And the 3rd generation surf sold at our shop is N180 series.

It is a model with dramatically improved car performance.
The suspension is front → double wishbone + coil, and the rear is 4 links + coil.
185 The charm of the surf
To briefly explain this 185 series, the exterior is a classic old car, but in terms of specifications, it is a car with the same performance and functions as the current car. (Safety devices are only airbags and ABS.
First of all, the size is good! Originally, the early standard body car (not over fender) was 5 number standard, so it is not too big, it is just the right size and can run on narrow roads without hesitation. It’s a car that is truly outstanding for reeds.
The interior is simple and timeless. In addition, the seats and luggage can be used extensively with a 5-seater instead of forcibly setting a 7-seater. The function that the rear glass inherited from the first generation opens and closes up and down is also alive and well.
It also has the merit of being able to stack long items even when the gate is closed and the playfulness of enjoying the open air.
The form that you will fall in love with. The shape is the best after all

As I mentioned in my previous blog, two-tone vehicles were popular at that time, and the only vehicles with a one-color finish were White Premium Pearl and Black Navigator Black.
Moreover, only about two years before the full model change.
The BK style, which was finished in all black even in the weed, gained popularity.
Nowadays, I’m the only one who feels fashionable in two-tone at that time?
No, I’m sure it’s an ant

Now rare iron bumper, lift up to put off-road tires
Isn’t it the best, my partner
Durable engine and sturdy accessories.
The surf is durable and unbreakable. It’s a fact.
The well-maintained 185 series surf does not slump even at 500,000 km.
In addition to the 57 items of legal inspection, if you add your own items, the maintenance will be over 100 items, and we are doing maintenance based on many years of experience, especially the replacement of radiators that are suspected of aging deterioration. “Used cars do not have mileage = degree.
It will change greatly depending on the storage environment, riding method, and maintenance status.
We face surf every day so that our customers can ride with peace of mind.

Even with a sturdy surf, the paint is noticeably deteriorated.
At our shop, we finish with Kodawari’s New paint.
To prevent the paint from peeling off, even the quarter glass is attached and detached, and all removable parts are removed.
Skilled craftsmen paint carefully with all their soul in their own painting booth.

Hilux Surf Specialty Store Weed For inquiries, please contact the Weed Main Store or Sabae Store.

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