The Hilux Camper!

At our Sabae Branch, the weather’s quickly warming up. And you know what this means: camping weather!

We offer our Nomad Camper for the Hilux, currently on display at our showroom:

The Skycamp Mini roof top tent by iKamper is mounted above the truck bed, ready to show you what your future camping experience could be like.

You can try climbing into the Skycamp to experience it yourself too!

Whether you are interested in this set, or just the Skycamp or the Hilux separately, give us a call or send us an email.

Also, our June Campaign is still ongoing!

Those who sign a contract for used or new car with us will get the following as a present:

  1. Full tank gasoline on delivery
  2. GYEON kit for cleaning your car
  3. WEED towel

We look forward to hearing from you all~

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