Monthly Archives: December 2020

Studless Tires for the Narrow Body Hilux Surf

Now that the weather’s gotten colder, we’ve had more orders of the studless tires. One of the more common orders we receive are for the narrow body Hilux Surf 18 series type studless tires. Since there are not a lot of sizes, many have been asking what the best one for them is. Here, we

Auto Salon & New Branches

Mclimb Group will be going to next year’s Auto Salon! The cars on display will be Mclimb Weed’s Hilux Surf 185 Series and the Delica D5 along with Mclimb Miki Suzuki’s Jimny Sierra. These cars are still in the works, but they will be ready for the Auto Salon no problem. The new Complete Model

Hilux Surf Body Decal for the 18 Series

A Mclimb/Weed original Body Decal Special for the Hilux Surf 18 Series! A vintage feel to a classic car~ With this retro look, you can bring back the vibes from decades ago. Contact us if you’re interested in nowing more about the decal for the Hilux Surf! Decal Service Price: 80,000 JPY (excluding tax) (depending

Hilux GUN125 in Stock

A 2020 Hilux GUN125 Grade Z Completed was added to our stock! Vehicle Information: Hilux Grade Z Mileage: 8,100 km Completed Custom Information: 17 inch KANONE AW (black clear) BF Goodrich AT Tires 265/70/17 40mm Front Lift Diff Drop Kit TRD Over Fender Dual Side Muffler Headliners 7 inch SD Navigation ETC Back Camera The

A Surf in the Works

We have a 185 series Surf being customized in LA Style! The color is the FJ Yellow, and this time it has 20 inch AW rims mounted~ Vehicle Information: 2000 Hilux Surf 185 Series LA StyleMileage: 77,600 kmRear Tire: YESVehicle Price: 2,480,000 JPY**The above price includes the following brand new parts: 20 inch aluminum wheels