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185 Surf Custom

Weed main store.It’s a perfect day for a holiday with 399 good weather today.Thank you for visiting us today.Mr. Y from Tokyo who came to the store as a customWe had you come to the store for 10 hours in the traffic jam.As for the custom contents, we customized the interior lining of the surf.

FJ Cruiser beige XC style is in stock

Weed main store.Recently, it gets cold in the morning and evening, but it’s hot in the daytime because it trembles.It’s the season when you want to be careful about managing your physical conditionBy the way, yesterday I put a new exhibition vehicle in the showroom of the Weed main store. FJ Cruiser XC style body

It’s a match for Aoma Tameda

RISE WORLD SERIES 2021 OSAKA 2021.11.14 It will be held at Maruzen Intec Arena Osaka.Aoma Tameda, sponsored by Weed, will fight.Would you like to support us with Weed?Tameda Fight

Notice from Tsuchiyama store

Weed Tsuchiyama store.It’s early October today, the weather is really good, and it’s already autumn.By the way, today, AUTOBACS is taking inventory, so the store will close at 14:00.However, we will respond to inquiries by email or phone, so please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you

17AW Canon Mirror Clear +20 Notice of Discontinuation

I am always grateful for your helpBy the way, I would like to inform you from Weed.Many orders for the American style, Hilux Surf 21 series and Land Cruiser Prado.17 inch KANONE mirror clear +20 offset This time, we have decided to discontinue the stock at the moment.We will continue to sell ± 0 offsets,

Hilux navigation installation

Weed Tsuchiyama store.It is hot today. I feel like I’ve only written about it lately.The typhoon is approaching, and it seems that it will start raining in Hyogo from tonight.By the way, the other day, I installed a navigation system on the Hilux, which has already been sold. There were a lot of lines, and

KOOF now being held

Weed Tsuchiyama store.It’s hot today, but events are being held today and tomorrow in Fukuoka Prefecture.OUTDOOR OFF ROAD FES 2021 Insanely nice weather with blue and green. It seems that a Delica fan meeting is being held at the same time. WEED is also exhibiting.Beige Delica and Beige Hilux When you come to the event,

Nishioka from the Weed Sabae store.

Recently, the exhibition car in the Weed Sabae store has changed a little. Prado and Delica will welcome you when you enter the entrance of the Weed Sabae store. We are waiting for many visitors.

Delica Fan Meeting DFM 2021 Event

Yesterday at Yamanashi Prefecture’s Fujiten Snow Resort we had our 2 Delica D5’s on display!! Both have the WARLOCK body kit installed. The beige one also has the Skycamp 2.0 roof top tent mounted!!! During the event, we had people come by for a closer look. They could also try out the car or the

Why Not the ZX Land Cruiser?

Mclimb/Weed Tsuchiyama Branch here! Before we know it, the 200 late model is done. We only have a limited number in stock at the moment. The grade we have is for the AX. Wonder why we don’t use the ZX Grade? Simply put, if we use the ZX grade and customize it, it would come