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October Campaign!!

The campaign for this month is for buying new cars… No loan interest rate for the following cars! Land Cruiser Prado: – Mclimb Complete Model– WALD Complete Model Delica D5:– WARLOCK Complete Model– BK Style Complete Model We want you to enjoy your car without worrying about the interest rate in your payment plan, so

Customer Experience with the Skycamp Mini

Despite the strong winds that day, our customer successfully set up the Skycamp Mini and awning for their trip! A wonderful set up from every angle~ The food for the camping trip was also excellently made The camp fire, night view, and atmosphere was just what camping was supposed to be. This is the complete

The New Hilux Grade Z

Now on display in front of our showroom: the new Hilux Grade Z! The Grade X was awesome, but the face of the Grade Z is even more impressive~ Not only that, but it has that chrome shine ~* The rear and interior is also very neat and crisp. This HIlux Grade Z Complete Model

Use PayPay or AU Pay at Mclimb/Weed

For the convenience of our customers, we’ve added PayPay and AU Pay as part of our accepted payment methods! We usually take cash or credit cards, but in case you want to collect points on your accounts, you can do so here too. Just let us know if you would like to pay with PayPay

We’re Now a Front Runner Dealer!

We became an official dealer for the Front Runner roof rack brand! We were so excited that as soon as it arrived, we assembled it on our FJ Cruiser 😀 It’s well known for its style, making this customized FJ look even better. If you’re interested in getting this rack, the car, auto parts, or

The Skycamp Mini on the New Hilux

Take a look at what we have on the new Hilux! The Skycamp MINI!! You can pack a lot for your next outing in this set up! Give us a call or visit us about either the Hilux, the iKamper tent, or BOTH 😀

Camping Trip with the Delica D5

Hello from Mclimb/Weed Tsuchiyama branch! Before we know it, the weather’s gotten cooler and we entered into fall. Despite all that’s going on with COVID19, there are still people who look forward to their outdoor activities. One of our customers certainly did! The car was safely received and the camping was great! ~ said our

Free Wifi Available

We now have free Wifi at our Head Office! You can now connect to our free guest wifi while waiting for your car to be serviced. We look forward to your visit!

Insta-Live Tonight~

Our shop manager and start, Ta-chan, will be live on Instagram tonight at 7PM! This is all in Japanese, but even if you don’t understand it, you can still enjoy the vibe of the live stream tonight.

Mclimb KANONE on the 4Runner!

Just the beginning~