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FJ Cruiser BK style

Weed head office.A big cold wave once in 10 years! ? 366Please be careful when driving.Don’t let your guard down just because it’s 4WDToday we would like to introduce the popular FJ Cruiser BK style.What is BK style? The genuine FJ Cruiser has a white roof and plastic bumpers.The BK style is all black. ★Specifications★·lift

seat cover installation

This is Weed Sabae store.I installed a seat cover on my Delica today.The genuine sheet looks like this When I put the seat cover on It will be like thisThe one on the right is the one with the seat cover, and the one on the left is the genuine seat. Adding a seat cover

Installed mud flaps

Weed TsuchiyamaIt was very warm yesterday and the day before yesterday, but today is cold.It looks like the cold days will continue this week, so dress warmly when you go out.Today, Gacky from the Tsuchiyama store installed the mud flaps. It is the second one to install mud flaps,I was doing so skillfully that it

Thank you for your continued support of WEED this year.

Weed head office.We will continue to do business well this year, so please continue to support Weed Main Store this year. We look forward to your visit and inquiry.TEL: 0794-73-8000Email: weed001@nifty.comHead office Youtube has been updatedThree girls from Weed head office talking about surfingI’m talking from a woman’s point of view, so if you’re a

Weed Tsuchiyama

Thank you for your continued support this yearThis is Weed Tsuchiyama store.Happy New Year.I look forward to working with you again this year. We are open today as well.We look forward to your visit and inquiry.TEL: 078-942-1600MAIL:

Rookie Surf-chan Weed head office

New stock ★ Beige XC style is in stock2001 model Mileage 93200 km BeigeIt’s a low mileage vehicle.Vehicle body price: 2,880,000 yenThe popular color (beige) and mud tires at the Weed head office are impressive.

[Immediate delivery] 4RUNNER style

Weed head office.[Instant delivery] Introducing the 4RUNNER style. This color is all painted in Benz indium gray.I am finished in one adult 2001 model mileage 170,000 km vehicle body price 2,980,000 yenThis is a machine made with new parts.Please feel free to contact us.

harvest autumn

Weed head office.It’s already mid-October.It’s been quite autumnal lately.It’s chilly, but it’s just the right season to spend.Autumn is also the time when food such as harvesting grains, mushrooms and fish is delicious.The rice that has grown splendidly is harvested at once, and the fields are completely cleared.We usually eat rice without thinking about it.The

185 Surf ★ makeover

Weed head office.I tried a makeover by adding a Tacoma-style grill to the 185 Surf. Add a TOYOTA grill for a classic finish. Add a Tacoma-style grill for an off-road style (wild) finish.The atmosphere changes dramaticallyThe real pleasure of 185 Surf is that it can be customized in various ways.

Notice of price change of SKYCAMP2.0 on display at

Weed Sabae storeAs I told you last time, we had an exhibition at Weed Sabae store.We have changed the selling price of [SKYCAMP2.0 Black]The price is ¥380,000 (tax included)*Price ¥547,800※free shipping*Installation cost, base carrier, etc. are charged separately.MoreoverWe are also replacing the main fly of the tent with a new one this time.It’s a great