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Opening well

Weed Sabae store.The Sabae store is still open today.SKYCAMP 2.0 and kitchen tool “AIOKS” are on display at the Sabae store.We look forward to your visit as you can actually see, touch and experience it.

You can test drive please feel free to contact us.

Weed Tsuchiyama store.The weather isn’t good today … and it’s a little cold, October is coming soon, and autumn is coming.By the way, you can have a test drive at the Tsuchiyama store.Advance reservations are required, but you can experience the ride quality, etc. For more information, please contact us. I replaced the vehicle again.We

A wonderful letter from customers using SKY CAMP

Weed main store.It’s a dull weather todayWell, we are looking forward to your inquiry and visit as weed main store will continue to be open today as well as the weather.By the way, we would like to inform you that we received a wonderful letter from the customer who purchased SKYCAMP at our company the

Weed Sabae store is open today as well

Hello, this is smiley Weed Sabae store.There are many holidays these days, so the feeling of the day of the week is strange.Corona has become quite calm these days, so weed Sabae store is operating well without being relaxed and taking measures against infectious diseases. At the Weed Sabae store, besides the car exhibition Weed

Delica mud flap mounting

Weed Tsuchiyama store.It’s hot today as well. When I stood outside, the back of my feet seemed to burn.Over thereBy the way, today, I installed a mud flap on the customer’s Delica that was delivered the other day. Paparazzi Kimoto visited If you attach the mud flap, the suspension will look nicer. Yeah, it feels

Instagram will be held

Every Sunday’s annual instagramIt will be held from 18:00 on the 26th (Sun), so we are waiting for a lot of viewing.

Delica bed kit installation

Weed Tsuchiyama store.It seems that a typhoon will occur again, so it would be nice if there was no effect.By the way, today I installed the MADLYS bed kit on the Delica. When you open the box, it will be installed like this (I also helped) I removed 4 places like this I will fix

Delica D: 5 muffler installation

Weed Sabae storeToday I installed the Delica D: 5 muffler. I will remove the genuine muffler Since it is stopped with screws etc., I loosened it and removed it.The muffler is shaped like a snake. The rest is completed by installing an external muffler. Weed Sabae store Custom requests are also welcome, so please feel

Car wash weather

Weed Tsuchiyama storeSeptember will end in about 10 days soon. I wonder if it’s already approaching autumn, but lately, the daytime weather is so good that the laundry seems to dry soon, and after all, it’s a good day to wash the car. Delica is also bathed in water and looks goodIt was hot, so

NEW Exhibition vehicle warehousing

Weed main store.By the way, we will introduce 185 surf to the main store showroom again. It is a yellow narrow body surf. A 16-inch TOYOTA genuine plated hole is installed to create an American style.It is also good to put a side muffler with plus alpha. It is also equipped with a TOYOTA grill,